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Dear friend! Welcome to our homepage!
Let us introduce our nonprofit association.

Who we are, and what are our main tasks?
The CIVITALIS ASSOCIATION is a voluntary association established in 1996 in order to develop and strengthen relationships, co-operation and exchange of information between the young experts and researchers dealing with social research.
Our task is to promote the work of Hungarian civil organizations and to gather, process and disseminate research results and information on the nonprofit sector.
Our objectives are:
 - to take part in Hungarian as well as in comparative international research projects,
 - to promote and process the publication of different research and survey results,
 - to organize and run training projects helping the social research,
 - to develop recommendations and give advice and assistance to public and private bodies  dealing with social  issues.
 - to build and widen international connections with relevant organizations.

Reference works, activities, and plans:
- Since 1996 we have been taking part in the Johns Hopkins University comparative international research project, which aims to come out with a comprehensive and comparative analysis of the nonprofit sector including both developed and developing countries.
- We contributed to the publication of The Survey of the Hungarian Nonprofit Sector,  the information handbook of the CIVICUS world conference held in 1997 in Budapest, Hungary.
- We give lectures and presentations on issues concerning the nonprofit sector.
- We intend to present continuously the most recent findings on the Hungarian nonprofit sector, and we will continuously update our homepage with new links and with other relevant information.

How can you contact us?
Address: Civitalis Egyesület 1053 Budapest Veres Pálné u. 30. IV/2.
Bank account: OTP 111702036-20646697

 Major regulations concerning the Hungarian nonprofit organizations:
(Hungarian version only)

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If you wish to search for information on nonprofit organizations on the Internet, type nonprofit or voluntary or NGO or charity. You might look for specific nonprofit organizations by typing their names with an ".org " extension as well.
Two quite good browers: the AltaVizsla (Hungarian) and the AltaVista (International)

 We would like to present some of the most recent findings on the Hungarian Nonprofit Sector.

The Hungarian Nonprofit Sector in 1996

Foundation, Public Foundation
Other nonprofit organizations with partnership
Number of organizations
Number of volunteers
Total income (HUF)
Income coming from tenders (HUF)
Direct financial support (HUF)
   Source: Central Statistical Office survey in 1997

Who are our most active members?
(they are worth contacting)
István Sebestény
Zsolt Albert János Bocz
Andrea Gruber Anikó Kaposvári
Miklós Králik Judit Monostori
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