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5700 Gyula
Kossuth u. 13.
Tel/Fax: +36-66-463-148

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Castle stage

An unforgettable theatre evening in Gyula

Gyula is an important centre of culture on the
edge of South-Eastern Hungary.
The Gyula Castle Theatre operates in the court
of the only brick fortress that has survived in
Central Europe. Between 1st July and 20th August
the guests are entertained with the best performances
of historical dramas, opera, ballet, mediaeval
courtyard-music, jazz, puppet-show, classic-, folk-
music and folk-dance
Not only the court of the fortress is turned
into a theatre, but programmes of great variety are
available on the nearby lake-stage and on stages
set up at different places in the town.
Gyula, the pearl of the Hungarian Lowland has a
typical festival atmosphere.

When you visit the town, you can enjoy not
only theatre programmes, but you can recover from
the every day stresses in one of the most
beautiful spas of the country and your time
can be spent visiting museums.

Access: By direct trains three times a day
from Budapest or in addition by having to change
trains in Békéscsaba.
Gyula can be reached by car on the M5 motorway
and then by main road from Budapest via Kecskemét
in 3-4 hours.
For further information do not hesitate to contact
the Tourinform tourist information offices,
the central ticket offices in Budapest or us

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Gyulai Várszínház
5700 Gyula, Kossuth u. 13.