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The following English or German language materials are translated or reviewed into Hungarian, so you can recommend it to your Hungarian-speaking friends.

The Hungarian translations are on the Hungarian page of this Website and also circulated by the grazroots.hun listserver (you can subscribe it with a "subscribe grazroots.hun" message in the subject field).

64th issue:

  • Talking with Paul Virilio,
  • WWW addresses
  • Introduction of a book Thomas Döring: Subsidiaritat und Umweltpolitik in der Europaischen Union

    63th issue:

  • Ex-priest vows to be 'thorn in the side' of Polish church
  • dozens of WWW addresses

    62th issue:

  • Prohibiting interest in the Bible
  • Actual label instructions on consumer goods

    61th issue:

  • Bewahrung der Schöpfung
  • Actual label instructions on consumer goods

    60th issue:

  • Race relations in the air
  • Supporting Human rights

    59th issue:

  • An article about Martin Luther King, the apostle of nonviolence in the 20th century.
  • A study from New York Times declaring that using the Internet makes people lonely.

    58th issue:

  • Everyone wins! Cooperative Games and Activities (New Society Publishers) - Foreword

    57th issue:

  • A translation of a chapter from the book: Dolores LaChapelle: Sacred Land, Sacred Sex, Rapture of the Deep.

    56th issue:

  • A translation of a chapter from the book: Dolores LaChapelle: Sacred Land, Sacred Sex, Rapture of the Deep.

    55th issue:

  • A translation of a chapter from the book The State Of the World (Worldwatch Institute) : The Agricultural Link - How Environmental Deterioration Could Disrupt Economic Progress

    54th issue:

  • A translation of a chapter from the book introduced in the previous issue: Dolores LaChapelle: Sacred Land, Sacred Sex, Rapture of the Deep.

    53th issue:

  • Introducing a book: The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. (The Free Press, New York, 1993)

    52th issue:

  • A translation of a chapter from the book introduced in the previous issue: Dolores LaChapelle: Sacred Land, Sacred Sex, Rapture of the Deep.

    51th issue:

  • Hague Appeal for Peace 1999. Time to Abolish War. Join the Citizens' Peace Conference, The Hague, 11-16 May 1999.

    50th issue:
    Two studies on Tibet and Pakistan from the June issue of Christian Solidarity International (CSI):

  • Tibet: Forbidden Earth
  • Pakistan: Don't dare to call yourself a Christian!

    49th issue:

  • A practical handbook: Short Circuit. Strengthening Local Economies for Security in an Unstable World.

    48th issue:

  • A Study of László Ervin

    47th issue:

  • Anti-nuclear movement in Indonesia - report by a Hungarian university student

    46th issue:

  • Conversation with Ulrich Duchrow
  • Introducting the book: The Young Green Consumer Guide

    45th issue:

  • Terminator Technology: End of Seeds. - the new danger.
  • Introducting the book: Keepers of the Earth. - Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children

    44th issue:

  • Introducting the book: Manufacturing Consent, The Political Economy of the Mass Media
  • Introducting the book: Necessary Illusions, Thought Control in Democratic Societies

    43rd issue: - a novel Heinrich Böll

  • Heinrich Böll: Conversation on the shore
  • Introducting the book: Herlt, Brigitta - Krisch, Nadja: Wald - Entdeckungen. Arbeitsmappe für Kindergarten, Volksschule, Hauptschule und Understufe der AHS
  • Enclosure: Translations from Gaia Review

    42nd issue: - Landmine Ban Campaign

  • Nobel Lecture of Jody Williams, coordinator of the Landmine Ban Campaign
  • Introducting the book: Cornell, Joseph Bharat: Sharing Nature with Children

    41st issue: - Junge Kirche articles

  • Junge Kirche - Bewahrung der Schöpfung: articles on Earth, genetic-engineering and cloning
  • Introducting the book: Poulton, Prue - Symons, Gillian: Eco school
  • Enclosure: Translations from Gaia Review

    40th issue: - Junge Kirche articles and an action of Amnesty International about human rights

  • Junge Kirche - Bewahrung der Schöpfung: articles on clima, genetic-engineering and national-parks
  • Introducting the book: Campbell, Bernard: Human Ecology. The Story of Our Place in Nature from Prehistory to the Present
  • Action of Amnesty International about human rights (
  • Enclosure: Translations from Gaia Review

    39th issue:

  • Entwurf für ein Europäisches Kairos-Dokument "Aufbruch zu einem sozial gerechten, lebensfreundlichen und demokratischen Europa"
  • Introducting the book: Norberg-Hodge, Helena: Ancient Futures. Learning from Ladakh
  • The WorldBank's letter to the hungarian Government from 1985

    38th issue:

  • Reinhold Stecher's (bishop of Innsbruck) critical letter
  • Introducting the book: Rothenberg, David: Is it Painful to Think? Conversations with Arne Ness
  • Introducting some websites

    37th issue: - Last Balaton Bulletin article on time-ecology

  • Joanna Macy: To Reinhabit Time
  • Introducting the book: Orr, David W.: Earth in Mind. On Education, Environment and the Human Prospect
  • Victory Celebrations At Maheshwar Dam Site
  • Introducting some websites

    36th issue: - The Budapest Club

  • About Budapest Club
  • Introducting the book: Lingelbach, Jenepher: Hands-on Nature. Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children
  • Lots of interesting web addresses

    35th issue: - Balaton Bulletin article on time-ecology

  • The Utne Reader History of the Fast Lane
  • Introducing the book: Kinnunen, Juha - Nyk-nen, Riitta: Ruuhon juuira. Lounto ja ymp-ristöiasiat osaksi lapsen arkip-iv (Roots of the reed)
  • News: Der alternative Nobelpreis
  • News: Australian natives want to ban the bestseller (Mutant Message)
  • Introducing the book: Ernst Ulrich von Weizs-kker (Hg.): Grenzenlos? Jedes System braucht Grenzen - aber wie durchl-ssig müssen diese sein?
  • Introducing the book: Lebensstile. Entwürfe zur Überwindung einer lebensbedroliche Ökonomie.
  • Introducing the book: The NGLS Handbook of UN Agencies, Programmes and Funds Working for Economic and Social Development
  • Introducing the book: A World that Works. Building Blocks for a Just and Sustainable Society
  • Introducing the book: Overcome Violence. A Programme of the World Council of Churches
  • Introducing the book: Geiko Müller-Fahrenholz: The Art of Forgivennes. Theological Reflections on Healing and Reconciliation
  • Introducing the book: Gregory Baum/Harold Wells : The Reconciliation of Peoples. Challenge to the Churches

    34th issue: - Junge Kirche article and books

  • Junge Kirche - Bewahrung der Schöpfung: Defension of the clima in the developing countries
  • News: Bishops' hunger strike
  • Introducing the book: Lachecki Herman, Marina - Passineau, Joseph F. - Schimpf, Ann L. - Treuer, Paul: Teaching Kids to Love Earth
  • Introducing the book: Modern Times. Lebensstile und Inszenierungen
  • Introducing the book: Lothar Bossle: Zur Soziologie utopischen Denkens in Europa. Von Thomas Morus zu Ernst Bloch

    33rd issue: - Genetic engineering

  • Thomas A. Shannon: Debates and values in genetic engineering
  • Introducing the book: Braus, Judy: Wild About Weather. (Ranger Rick's Nature Scope)

    32nd issue: - Summer Balaton Bulletin part

  • Jon Spayde: Slow Like Me
  • Introducing the book: Acid Rain Searches (Manchester : Acid Rain Information Centre)

    31st issue: - Introducing the TV-program 'Conversations in the end of the Millennium'

  • Conversation with Stanislaw Lem in the end of the Millennium
  • Introducing the book: Braus, Judy: Pollution. Problems and Solutions.

    30th issue: - Summer Balaton Bulletin part

  • James Perry and Elizabeth Vanderklein: The Role of Time and Scale in Water Quality Management
  • Introducing the book: Braus, Judy : Trees Are Terrific!
  • Introducing the book: "The Decision from Haga"
  • Enclosure: Helena Norberg-Hodge: From Global Dependence to Local Interdependence

    29th issue: - Summer Balaton Bulletin part

  • Wolfgang Sachs: Why Speed Matters
  • Introducing the book: Goldstein, Eleanor C. (ed.): Pollution

    28th issue: - Introduction of the books:

  • World Resources - A guide to the global environment 1996-1997
  • Elgin, Duane: Voluntary Simplicity. Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardliy Rich

    27th issue: - with bizarre but true stories

  • Donella H. Meadows: Not So Fast!
  • Los Angeles Daily News: Huge Drop In Sperm Counts Reported
  • True story: The Man In The Moon
  • Joke: Jesus Said To Them...

    26th issue: - Summer Balaton Bulletin first part and Junge Kirche november

  • Barbara Adam, Karlheinz Geissler, Martin Held, Klaus Kümmerer and Manual Schneider: Time for the Environment: The Tutzing Time Ecology Project
  • Bewahrung der Schöpfung (Inegrity of Creation) : Clinton's Climatepolitics, Climatic Change: Research is waking, Air-pollution in Chile's capital, Two thirds of the forests are already destroyed, Forest destruction in the Érc-mountains .. .
  • Timatable: Germany

    25th issue: - Mostly about the american Bruderhof Community's Aid-program for Cuba

  • IFCO Caravan
  • Correspondence
  • 90 Mile Campaign
  • Nonviolent Conflict Resolution - A Season for Nonviolence
  • The Transformation Game

    24th issue: - About György Bulányi's rehabilitation

  • Rudolf Schermann: Another process to threat?
  • Thomas Seiterich-Kreuzkamp: It's better later than never
  • Timetable: Österreich

    23rd issue: - Spring Balaton Bulletin tenth part

  • Wouter Biesiot: What is Sustainable Consumption
  • 'Profits and luxury' of the rich put world at risk through climate change

    22nd issue: - Redefining progress

  • Clifford Cobb, Ted Halsted, Jonathan Rowe: If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?
  • Oilwatch/NGO Declaration On Climate Change, Fossul Fuels and Public Funding

    21st issue: - Spring Balaton Bulletin ninth part

  • Ulrich és Francesca Loening: A Plea from D-Forested Scotland to Still-Forested Chile

    20th issue:

  • Articles from Junge Kirche (German monthly newspaper) on "Integrity Of Creation" (Indonesian forestfires, Genetic-engineering)
  • Introducing the magazine: ADBUSTERS
  • Donella H. Meadows: The next century will be lead by clean technologies

    19th issue: - NO NATO

  • Bridget Moix: The NATO expansion, political progress and arguments against
  • Thomas Wallgren: The NATO-expansion and the modern world's cultural crisis
  • Xanthe Hall: Nuclear-weapon-free area in Central and Eastern-Europe - Dream or reality?
  • Vit László: The RUN of the Media to the NATO

    18th issue: - Spring Balaton Bulletin eighth part

  • John P. Robinson, Geoffrey Godbey: The Great American Slowdown
  • Enclosure: Guaicaipuro Cuautémoc: The real foreign debt

    17th issue:

  • International Green Conference about the newest WWF discourse on the Danube
  • Press-release on the international conference : World without NATO

    16th issue:

  • Junge Kirche: Bewahrung der Schöpfung
  • Thomas Seiterich-Kreuzkamp: Discussion between Moscow and Rome
  • Jupp Wagner: And it is moving!
  • Barbara Rauchwarter: Graz - towards a Europe which has no illusions

    15th issue: - Spring Balaton Bulletin seventh part

  • Benjamin Hunnicutt: Kellogg's Experiment in Giving Workers More Time

    14th issue:

  • David Korten: The United Nation and the Corporate Agenda
  • Thomas Seiterich-Kreuzkamp: "All the mountains are christian in our country"

    13th issue: - Spring Balaton Bulletin sixth part

  • Juliet Schor: Getting Out of the Squirrel Cage

    12th issue - EarthAction - A Global Network for the Environment, Peace and Social Justice

  • Climate Change, Background Information
  • Climate Change Countdown (Press Release)
  • No Place To Escape
  • Sample Letter To a Cabinet Member
  • Sample Parliamentary Questions

    11th issue: - Spring Balaton Bulletin fifth part

  • Clifford Cobb: Time in Economic Thinking
  • Timetable: International Events

    10th issue: - Two articles from Junge Kirche (German monthly newspaper) on "Integrity Of Creation"

  • Bewahrung der Schöpfung (Integrity Of Creation)
  • Cloning, Genetic Engineering
  • Four englishand six deutsch book on Peace
  • Timetable: Events in Germany
  • Enclosure: Translated matters from the Gaia review 317

    9th issue - Spring Balaton Bulletin fourth part

  • Dana Meadows and Alan AtKisson: Delay Times - How Long Does it Take to Respond?
  • Books: The Growth Illusion, UNDP, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Das Freigeld Syndrom (Money Syndrome), Genethik (genetic ethic), Internet in the movement
  • Timetable: Event in Österreich
  • Enclosure: Excerpt from the novel Momo (Michael Ende)

    8th issue - About the European Ecumenical Coalition Graz '97

  • Founding Declaration
  • Introduction
  • The Ecumenical Village program
  • Opening speech
  • Closing Declaration
  • Books on running civil organizations

    7th issue:

  • Balaton Group Introduction
  • Donald Worster: A History of Population and Capitalism
  • Population Politics: The Choices that Shape Our Future
  • News: A conscientious objector kidnapped in Russia
  • Books: Series on Polluting Materials
  • WWW places: ARA

    6th issue:

  • Ulrich Duchrow : Reconciliation in the Midst of Global Division and Destruction. - COELI (Centre Oecuménique de Liaisons Internationales, Rue du Boulet 31, B-1000 Bruxelles), Nr. 79, Autumn

    5th issue:

  • Report from the Workshops on Peace Tax Bills
  • Report of BWD Activities
  • Report on the Peace Tax Payers
  • Report from India
  • Skattebetalare for Fred
  • Conscience UK Campaign Report

    4th issue:

  • Four Interviews taken in Graz by the BOCS (with Christa Springe, Ulrich Duchrow, David Cowling, Rüdiger Noll)
  • Four reports from Graz (1. The chiapa indian movement against the neoliberalism, 2. Victims of Eastern-Europe and the South set each other free, 3. The Õrség-Vendvidék National Park, 4. Those who had been quit the State)

    3rd issue:

  • Hans Achterhuis: The History and Roots of Growth (The Balaton Bulletin, Spring 1997)

    2nd issue:

  • Arbeitsstelle für Umweltfragen der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau, Darmstadt: Ohne Wasser läuft nichts (Entsiegeln und Versickern. Nutzung von Regenwasser. Jeder Tropfen zählt.)
  • Das Menschheitsprojekt: "Entwicklung" (Medico International, Frankfurt, 1996/2.)

    1st issue:

  • Donella H. Meadows: The Least of These Our Brethren (The Global Citizen, 1996 december 19.)
  • Cor Unum (Vatican): World Hunger, A Challenge for All - Development in Solidarity (24 Oct. 1996)
  • Thomas Seiterich-Kreuzkamp: To Prostitute Mother Earth? (Publik Forum, 1995. no. 24.)