Valentina Valentini

Valentina Valentini, a scholar of the problems of performance in the 20th century, teaches performance studies at the Art Department of the University of Calabria. Her research into the relationship between the theatre, art and new technologies is outstanding, and she is a leading authority in Europe on performance and multimedia events. She has dedicated various theoretical and historical studies to 20th century theatre: Il dibattito sul teatro nel USA: Schechner e TDR (1974); La teoria della performance (1985); and a categorical redefinition of dramaturgy, Dopo il teatro moderno (1989). She has dedicated a broad study in two volumes on the interference between theatre and the new media, entitled Teatro in immagine: Eventi performativi e nuovi media I, and Audiovisivi per il teatro II (1987). The fruits of a lengthy study conducted through unpublished material are two volumes dedicated to the reconstruction of the first performance of the tragedies of Gabriele D'Annunzio, Il poema visibile, and on the theatrical aesthetic of D'Annunzio, La tragedia moderna e mediterranea, and Un fanciullo delicato e forte: D'Annunzio e il cinema. She is the director of a series devoted to contemporary performance and drama (eg., Franco Scaldati, Squat Theater, Teatro della Fortezza, Peter Sellers, etc.) published by Rubbettino, and she has edited a monograph on the Heiner Muller theatre for Bulzoni. Since 1986, she has been the Artistic Director of the Rassegna Internazonale di Taormina Arte Video d'autore, for which she has annually produced an accompanying publication on the relationship between film, video, television and the media arts. Her essays have been published by numerous journals, both nationally and internationally, including Biblioteca Teatrale, Ariel, The Drama Review, Theaterschrift, FilmCritica, Bianco e Nero, Drammaturgia, Performance Arts Journal, and Performance Research.
She lives primarily in Rome.

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