magyar verzió
Balázs Beöthy /
Zsolt Mesterházy /
Roland Pereszlényi

Péter Forgács
Éva Kozma /
Szabolcs Géza Veres

Róbert Langh
Ádám Lendvai
Jenő Lévay
Erik Mátrai
Antal Örkényi
András Ravasz
János Sugár
Pál Szacsva y
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák /
Márton Fernezelyi

András Szőnyi
Szilvi Tóth /
Gáspár Benedek

Júlia Vécsei

András Szőnyi:
Sound Prism
sound installation

Although in nature sound travels in all directions, today loudspeakers make it possible to transmit sound in a single beam, just like the light of an electric torch. Thus we can only hear the sound within the beam or from nearby reverbations. With the application of such special loudspeakers, from the columns of sound transmitted by them, a sound sculpture was created, which – contrary to traditional sculptures – can be experienced by moving through the bodies of the sound to the inside of the sculpture.
At the Jövőháza exhibition, the speakers were installed onto one of the winding staircases of the hall, so that anyone ascending or descending the stairs will also be moving through the sound sculpture.

Special thaks to: Joseph Pompei, Zoltán Szabó, Ferenc Kovács


NKA / NKÖM / IHM / C3 / Budapest Kunsthalle / House of Future