Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Workshop: Games and Interfaces
28.5.2002 - 30.5.2002 C3 Budapest, Hungary

Georg Trogemann (contact: georg at khm dot de)
Jochen Viehoff (contact: viehoff at khm dot de)
Peter Frucht (contact: frucht at khm dot de)

Related seminar: LifeScience II
The Workshop „Games and Interfaces” is addressed to students and postgraduates with basic experience in computers. The scope of the workshop ranges from theoretical introductions into (computer) games, advanced interface techniques, game demonstrations and project presentations up to practical work on game and interface design. In the practical part of the workshop we will use a Java based platform with a variety of physical, chemical and biological sensors for advanced man machine interaction. The development of new interfaces to computer games, either self-made games or commercial products, is a central aim of the workshop. Elementary knowledge of a programming language, e.g. Java or C++ is advantageous but not required.

Contributions are expected from students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as well as from the Center of Culture and Communication, C3 Budapest.
Workshop - raw time scedule:

Monday, 27.5.2002:
setup computer and technical environment

Tuesday, 28.5.2002:
10.00h-10.15h "Opening and Introduction"
	Georg Trogemann/Jochen Viehoff  (LMR/KHM)
10.15h-10.45h "Approaches to Arrangements of Interaction"
	Peter Frucht (LMR)
11.00h-11.30h "Emergence and Computer Games"
	Georg Trogemann (LMR/KHM)
11.30h-12.00h Coffee break
12.00h-12.30h "Interface Education and the Physicalness of Interaction"
	Jochen Viehoff (KHM)
12.45h-13.15h "Augmented Realities and Computer Games"
	Stefan Grünvogel (LMR)
13.30h-14.30h Lunch
14.30h-15.00h "eSports - Alternative Carreers"
	Roman Kirschner (KHM)
15.15h-15.45h "Narrative Structures in Computer Games"
	Benno Grützmacher (LMR)
15.45h-16.15h Coffee Break
16.15h-16.45h " User Guidance in Computer Games"
	Richard Wages (LMR)

Wednesday, 29.5.2002:
Contributions from C3
1. jodi: ctrl space (acsi, b2)
2. 3d pos (szmz, marci)
3. lego (pisti, gazsi, andris)
Demo: KHM Media/Interface Toolkit

Thursday, 30.5.2002:
10.00h-10.30h "Interactive Television - MeciTV"
	Carmen Mac Williams (LMR)
10.45h-11.15h "Interactive Film/Video"
	Tina Hage (KHM)
11.15h-11.45h Coffee Break
11.45h-12.15h "Pain Station and Interactive Boxing"
	Volker Morawe (KHM)
12.30h-13.00h "Balance Room - Weights and Bodies"
	Anja Kempe (KHM)
13.00h-14.00h Lunch
14.00h-15.00h "Interface Performance"
	-  cooperative interfaces
	-  global data and networking
	-  simple tracking and remote game control
	Daniel Burckhardt, Cloudia Fellmer,
	Tamara Lorenz, Tina Tonagel (KHM)