The influence of conceptual art in hungary

On the occasion of the presentation of the collection of concept documentation, we requested the assistance of every viewer towards its expansion and correction, in the hopes that our collaborative work would yield a compilation of more precise and thorough information regarding the thought process of Hungarian artists and its consequences.

Miklós Peternák

The downloadable version of the study can be found here:
Miklós Peternák: The Influence of Conceptual Art in Hungary
(WinWord 6.0 version)
The continuously expanded and downloadable version of the study referred to above can be found here on the website:
István Hajdu: Concept Art (in Hungarian)
Experiment for the Systematisation of a genreless genre
(Tájékoztató, Magyar Képzõmûvészek Szövetsége (Bulletin, Hungarian Artists Union),
1975/4; 1976/1; 1976/2)
(WinWord 6.0 version)

László Beke: Why does the A.P.L.C. use photos? (in Hungarian)
(Fotómûvészet (Photo-art), 1972/2)
(WinWord 6.0 version)

László Beke: Photo-vision in New Hungarian Art (in Hungarian)
(Fotómûvészet (Photo-art), 1972/3)
(WinWord 6.0 version)

Expozíció (Exposition/Exposure) (in Hungarian)
László Beke: Photo / Art
Éva Körner: Photomontage as the Representative Genre of the Third Wave of the Hungarian Avant-garde
(Catalogue, Hatvany Lajos Múzeum, Hatvan, 24 October 1976 - 31 January 1977)
(WinWord 6.0 version)

Gyula Pauer: The demonstration-banner forrest captions (in Hungarian)
(WinWord 6.0 version)

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