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GETTING ABOUT (Road, Ferry, and Coach Details)

    The village of Dunaszekcső  is situated on the right bank of the Danube in Baranya county, 16 km-s north east from the town Mohács.
    Visitors can reach Dunaszekcső by

Visitors arriving from Croatia can access our village from the nearby border village of Udvar.
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HALÁSZCSÁRDA ("Fishermen's Inn ) is a popular restourant located in the village on the riverbank near the ferry station. Established decades ago and open 7 days a week, it offers guests delicious river fish specilities including dunaszekcsői pontyhalászlé and révpalacsinta.

Arriving in the village from Mohács campsite ARÉNA offer accommodation and meal for the guests. From the Aréna restaurant there is a beautiful view over the Danube. It's annual festivals give remaining experiences to visitors.

Entertainments by the Danube