The 25th ASU Conference
System Modelling Using Object Oriented Simulation and Analysis
At Lake Balaton, Hungary on August 23--27, 1999
Conference Announcement and Call for Papers
Nagyvázsony -- a fortress of the European border in the Middle Ages near to Balatonfüred.
The conference is hosted by the Simula Foundation, Hungary
Together with
The Association of SIMULA Users
ASU Secretariat #AoF--Industriteknik
Box 35
164 93 Kista, Sweden
The 25th Conference of the ASU marks a milestone in the association's history and in the history of the programming language SIMULA. It also marks a new beginning in that the conference is hosted by the newly formed Simula Foundation of Hungary.
The conference location will be at Hotel Uni, Balatonfüred on the shores of the scenic lake Balaton in Hungary. Hotel Uni is the university's preferred conference hotel. Balatonfüred lies directly south of the town Veszprém which is about a two hour drive south west from Budapest. There is also a local commuter train which runs from Budapest and which stops at Balatonfüred. All who register for the conference will be sent detailed directions.
Concerning accommodations, five double rooms and ten single rooms have been prebooked at Hotel Uni. The end of August and first week of September is at the finish of the vacation period which can mean a continued high demand on local accommodations, especially if the weather is good. Quick responses on registration will insure that we can find rooms for all participants. Reference is made to the attached registration form.
The Conference program is summarized in the title and the following outline.
Subjects of interest: Arcas of application:
The conference program can be summarized by the following:
Monday, August 23rd: Arrival and registration, informal evening get-together.
Tuesday to Thursday, August 24th to 26th: Presentation of papers, discussions and demonstrations.
Friday, August 27th: The conference excursion.
Papers and presentations should be submitted to the ASU Secretariat in Sweden first in the form of an abstract not later than May l5th. The program committee will inform all authors of abstracts by June 1st with regard to acceptance of contributions. Final papers will be due on June 30th. Authors of accepted papers will be sent further instructions concerning text formats and layouts. Authors are expected to present their work in person and participate in the conference.
The program committee:
András Gáspár, Simula Foundation Hungary, Budapest, Hungary
Professor Ole-Johan Dahl, Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway
Professor Evzen Kindler, Charles University, Dept. of Physics and Mathematics, Prague, Czech Republic
Professor Alain Tanguy, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Dr. Broder Breckling, Ecology Center, Kiel, Germany
Dr. Gorry Fairhurst, Dept. of Engineering, Kings College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Henry Islo, ASU Secretariat, Kista, Sweden
The ASU is a professional organization concerned with computerized modeling of complex systems as well as the design of computer software using the Object Oriented Programming paradigm. The ASU started in 1974 as a Users Group for the SIMULA programming language. The SIMULA Standard appeared in 1967, introducing the worlds first object oriented programming language. This was preceded by several years of development work at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo. The current modern SIMULA systems provide the user with powerful and stable application programming tools for basic as well as advanced computerized modeling work. With the exception of the Beta programming language, other broadly used OOP-languages are conceptual subsets of the SIMULA language. Over the years, the ASU expanded its field of interests to encompass software aids and methodologies for structuring and programming complex system models. The ASU organizes an annual conference and edits a regular Newsletter as a forum for SIMULA users as well as users of other OOP-languages. The ASU supports developments and events in the various fields of Object Orientation and especially developments in Model Oriented Programming.
The Annual General Meeting of the ASU

To be held on August 25 at Hotel Uni, Balatonfüred on Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Motions, which are to be discussed and voted on at the AGM, must be submitted to the ASU Secretariat not later than May 18, 1999.