George Gál
President of the Directorial Board
Journalist and editor. By education and profession, George Gál is a violin and viola performer and teacher graduated from the Liszt Ferenc College of Music, Pécs, Hungary.
From his first ensemble - Orchestra of the National Theater of Pécs - the State Symphony Orchestra Leipzig affiliated him as solo violist in the late 1960's.
In the early 1970's political restrictions as well as a family tragedy led him back to Hungary where he became principal music teacher in the State Music School at Mohács. At this time, becoming acquainted with Professor K. Lissák's neurophysiological experiments on the mother-infant interaction, G. G. begun to adopt these results to the Suzuki-method of the violin teaching of preschool children. As music editor of the Hungarian Radio Broadcast in Pécs' Region, he elaborated a series of Music Teaching Program for the German Minority Kindergartens in 1972, which has been applied in several countries since then.
By the end of the 1970's he returned to the Symphony Orchestra of Pécs as first violist but less than a decade later his poor health forced him to retire from the musician career unavoidably.
In the following years he turned to the journalism, music history as well as restoration of stringed instruments. Mr. Gál has become an elected member of the Regional Committee of Musical Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Association of Hungarian Journalists. He has published several scientific studies on the history of musical instruments, reports, articles, notes and comments on the history and present of hungarian handicraftsmanship. He established and/or edited a number of weekly journals and periodicals (e.g. Forensic Newsletters, MV Craftsmen, Craftsmanship of Pécs, etc.). In 1992 he edited and published a medical historical report book entitled „In Memoriam Professor Kálmán Lissák”.
Among others, George Gál was a founding member of  the first hungarian civil organizations i.e. the Hungarian Society of Naturists and the Naturist Association of  Mohács in the early 1970's.
Besides this diverging activity, Mr. Gál is the president of Objects Expert's Division of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Chamber of Legal Experts and he has been director and/or representative of several social organizations and  foundations.