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APRAIS is the only sophisticated software-based independent service available worldwide, that provides a very fair, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand client/agency relationship appraisal system, ensuring a better ROI for both parties, via continuous improvement. Ours is a 360 degree service, analysing both agency and client performance using both quantitative and qualitative data. We provide clients and agencies with an actual measure of performance. This performance score brings together all the participants questions, in all disciplines. This enables clients to rate both disciplines and values, which is a unique aspect of the program. This benefit clearly shows by discipline, where your relationship may be falling down between the client and its agency(ies). The process allows both parties to allocate key priorities to the areas that they wish to highlight as important within the relationship. This enables you to give weightings to all questions by agency discipline. APRAIS shows clear and graphic identification of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction within the relationship clients have with their agencies, and vice versa. Both parties are able to rate both the agency and company performance over time. Substantial benchmarking opportunities are available – by company and agency, by industry category, by region and worldwide, to a whole range of already established APRAIS worlds best practice norms. All types of Marcom relationships can be evaluated from the traditional "Above the Line", Direct Marketing, PR, Sales Promotion, Sponsorships, Market Research or Master Media focused relationship. We have also developed a very sophisticated, yet easy to use on-screen system for Performance Based Remuneration (PBR) calculation, incorporating qualitative "soft", and quantitative "intermediate" and "hard" data measurements. The unique APRAIS Bonus Manager System provides clients with the ability to accurately assess the cause and effect of the agencies contribution (on criteria over which the agency has some control), and then pay them according to their achieved level of performance. The service is delivered totally on-line, via secure passwords through our website at www.aprais.com Most importantly, our system has gained wide acceptance within the industry, both in Australia and worldwide, because of its absolute impartiality, and its ability to deliver accurate relevant results beneficial to both agencies and clients. APRAIS currently helps manage the relationships in every category, on billings in excess of $2 billion dollars in Australia and New Zealand alone.


About APRAIS (cont)

    • APRAIS is a 360-degree, independent, online relationship appraisal service, specifically designed for the international and domestic marketing and communications category. The agencies and clients that use APRAIS are looking at ways to maximise -
    • Return on investment
    • The relationship and systems
    • Output quality The most sophisticated marketers & agencies in Australia and around the world use APRAIS. APRAIS is global, operating in Europe, North America, Australasia, Asia, Latin America and Japan. APRAIS also incorporates a software tool called Bonus Manager, to aid the calculation of performance related payment (PBR). APRAIS Bonus Manager provides:
    • A fair and balanced method for calculation.
    • Simplicity of use, with up-front agreement on measures to ensure no unwelcome surprises.
    • Improved control for both client and agency of agency remuneration. APRAIS has demonstrated in the most demanding environments that it will help:
    • Bring both parties closer together with mutual trust and aligned goals.
    • Focus attention specifically on the business on a regular basis, outside the day-to-day workload.
    • Draw out client/agency concerns before they become relationship threatening.
    • Ensure both the agency and client at all levels understand the key issues. • Improve the quality of client briefing and information sharing.
    • Refine the creative process.
    • Create an independent record of a relationship and the ongoing improvements achieved.
    • Ensure a longer and more productive relationships, given that the ‘work works’.
    • Improve financial and emotional ROI for both parties, through better work, longer, stronger relationships, and where applicable PBR.

What Our Clients say about APRAIS…

Ian Alwill, Communications Director, Nestlé Australia “APRAIS is a most informative and instructive analysis of what is actually going wrong. It forces us to recognize that we can sometimes be a significant cause of problems. It sends a clear wake up call to both sides as to the issues - and prompts action, the success of which both teams know will be measured."

Andrew Caie. National Advertising Marketing Operations Manager. Toyota Motor Corporation Australia. "Aprais is a truly prescriptive tool that will benefit both agencies and clients, whether the news is good or bad. It provides the necessary stimulus and an objective forum to debate issues which would normally be too difficult to facilitate and which threaten productivity within the relationship. It will drive a result that puts the onus on both client and agency, at every level of the business, to lift discipline and contribute to more measurable and effective marketing & advertising communications".

Liza McNally, Marketing Director, Nationwide News (News Limited). “Having used APRAIS to measure the performance of our relationships with both our media and creative agencies, it has been extremely helpful in providing the structure that ensures our relationships become productive and cost efficient. The ability to articulate areas for improvement in a non-confrontational environment allows for the real issues to be identified and dealt with in a measurable way.”

David Nobay, Partner, Droga 5 Australia. "When I was first told about a detailed online client appraisal system I had to fill out, I have to admit I greeted the idea with all the excitement of a vampire having a clove of garlic dangled in front of him. Since then, I've become a firm convert. On the one hand, Aprais throws up personal and anecdotal idiosyncrasies that paint a real picture of where the relationship is at, while on the other hand, its methodology sets out a distinct, objective roadmap of where the relationship needs to go."

Michael Rebelo, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi | UK "To call APRAIS an agency evaluation system would be a gross understatement of the benefits APRAIS brings to the client / agency relationship. At it's basic level, yes it is a tool to measure the performance of the agency and also the client, but used as a strategic management tool it can also be used to not only maintain your business but assist in it's growth."

Marianne Bess, Managing Director – Droga 5 Australia. "APRAIS is the best agency evaluation process I have ever used - simply because it is so much more than just an agency evaluation. It provides for genuine and constructive 360-degree feedback from client to agency and from agency to client. The result is clear, actionable information that both parties can use to improve the relationship and the resulting work."

Darren Friedlander Director of Marketing HSBC, Australia. “I find APRAIS to be an excellent tool, because of its ability to get to the heart of issues that exist between my agencies and my people, which get in the way of a smooth and productive working relationship. The involvement of a highly qualified 3rd party also ensures all issues are correctly identified, addressed, and followed up. This enables us to achieve constant (measured) performance improvement in the relationships, and gives us the ability to assess our performance against worlds and industry best practice. Additionally, the scoring provides the facility to incentives better performance from our agencies via PBR. I also like the fact that APRAIS is now well accepted and liked by our agencies (who all willingly contribute to the cost) for the same reasons. Having looked at other system and process options available, I found nothing that could deliver the benefits we get out of APRAIS."


Noel Magnus, Managing Director, JWT Sydney “APRAIS is without doubt the most constructive third party client/agency assessment tool I’ve seen. I‘ve used it across a host of client categories - and international geographies. I find APRAIS is extremely effective in highlighting both the positives and the negatives – and in creating a platform for sensible review and discussion.”


Belinda Rowe, Managing Partner – ZenithOptimedia “We have been working with the Aprais system for over two years and have found it to be a great way to assess the relationship with partners. It is very thorough and really helps all parties to speak very openly and identify areas of improvement. It results in better work, productivity and an improved relationship. We find the meeting forums where the results are presented invaluable learning sessions which always results in an action plan. We have recommended this system to other clients as it is a great way to build long lasting relationships.”


John Sintras, Chief Operating Officer Starcom "Ultimately, our business is nothing but client relationships, so the more we can focus on and understand our day to day interactions with our clients, the stronger our businesses must be. APRAIS provides an independent, simple to use framework for evaluating client/agency relationships in a non-confronting way. Importantly, its focus is on helping to enhance and build long term partnerships, rather than always searching for problem areas to justify the need for an 'auditor' and a cycle of often unnecessary and costly agency reviews. I've used it, it works, and I would encourage you to give it a try"


For more information about APRAIS, please contact  Malcolm Rankin (+61) 2 9955 0744 or 0408 460 899.  E.mail: malcolm.rankin@aprais.com