Plans for the immediate future

In order to extend our professional knowledge in the near future , we try to establish relationships with  ethnographers and folk dancers living in  Balkan countries, as well as with institutions and organizations and specializing in the research of these traditional cultures. This would enable us  to satisfy community  and cultural demands even better.

    We would like to broaden the range of minority traditions in our festivals (including folk customs, folk architecture, dresses, everyday culture, myths and beliefs, folk cousine.) The lectures and theatrical performances will give the public an insight into the minority traditions which have been studied professional by experts. We would like to get together people of all ages, thus creating social interaction, keeping and reviving old traditions. Artists and craftsmen of the folk  culture are to be invited, and exhibitions, fairs, workshops will be organized. There will be video films available to show the folk architecture, landscapes and sights of the mother country.

     We are planning to organize folk music concerts and dances for children. Through the music provided by Falkafolk group children can learn some of  the dances of the Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian or Serbian ethnic minorities living in Hungary. They can also listen to a short concert introducing various interesting types of folk music.  The concert includes showing the children some traditional instruments and involving them in some interactive rhythmic games, but no previous musical knowledge is needed. The programme can be even more successful if parents are joining in and people of all ages take part in the activities.