Ethnic Dance House Lover's Association has a base in the 9th district of Budapest, in the Ferencvárosi Culture Centre. Not only most of its meetings are held here, but Ethnic Folk dance  Evenings are organized  as well every  Wednesday evening, with the music provided by the Falkafolk group. The centre has also facilitated weekend festivals in order to revive  Greek traditions and festivities. Micra Dionysia, was held on  7th  Dec. 1996. Megala Dionysia on 10th May. 1997 and Christuiena on 20th Dec. 1997. They provided excellent possibilities for large local  Greek community to strengthen and preserve their identity.

    Such festivals include art exhibitions, popular  lectures, theatrical performances with Greek topics, Greek cousin, video films about the Greek countryside and folk architecture, a bazaar with Greek potteries and snacks, and of course dancing till the morning.

    The ancient theme of the Dionysus-cult was  chosen for  the topic of the  Greek minorities festivals on a number of occasions. In ancient times, these festivities were held in and around Athens and served not only as riotous parties, but as the birthplace of the Greek culture. It is well known  that the ancient  Greek drama roots from these festivities. That is why we aim to turn our festivals intro cultural  gatherings, where the Greek minorities of Hungary  have a chance to demonstrate all their values. According to our original plans, the programmes should invite everybody  to experience the wonderful atmosphere of minority traditions, and we could assist the social majority's  acceptance of minority  cultures. This is to everybody's benefit.