Wake island 1920.
Unbelievable discovery!!!

 On a distant island in the Bellingshausen sea, Antartic, a hermaphroditic creature has been found living in autogamy and consequently being able to self-fertilize itself. According to the best biological experts it could be a descedant of a lost sailor from the ship "Beagle", from the time of Charls Darwin's expedition to that region in 1839 (For ref. see Ch. Darwin "Around the world trip of a naturalist", Hudson and son, London 1906).
Scientists suppose that the sailor's survival instict and desire to extent the species being subjected to extreme magnetic radiation accelerated the natural evolution of this huma- noid (The South Magnetic Pole of the Earth is only 4700 meters under the surface of island Wake). The creature is still in the Institut for Medical Research in Boston, and further results will be presented on the XXth Congress of Darwinist to be held in London next.year.