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Welcome to the Childfriend web site.

The Movement Hungarian Childfriends is a non-profit orientated non-governmental organization refounded in 1992. Its aims are to provide mental, intellectual, psychic and corporal education for children, involvement in their social attendance and interest representation.

Group applications welcome: we will organize the 8th International Childfriend Festival in the summer of 2011!

Postal address:   Pf. 244., Budapest H-1701
Phone and fax number:   + 36 1 282 3852

Please note that this English-language part of our homepage does not contain all the materials that we have on the Hungarian part as this is only for informative purposes with the things we want to announce for our international visitors.
Although it does not contain updated news from our daily life, articles, etc it contains all the pictures, online games and links that we thought might be useful for you.
News section is for your information about our current international activities but not neccessarily about all of them.
Our earlier activities (those that were in the news section once) can be found in the Childfriend museum.