Vol. 117.               Autumn, 2021               No. 3


Baranyiné Kóczy, Judit: Cultural variance in the metaphorical extension of body part names Abstract    257

Csontos, Nóra: Metapragmatic reflections of text organisation in science texts Abstract       278

Szabó, Éva: The functions of hyperbole and litotes in discourse completion test results of Hungarian university students. Part 1      298

Senga Toru: The names for the Romanians in Gesta Hungarorum and what surrounds them. Part 3 Abstract       309

Etymologies. Haader, Lea: Once more on the word feze in the Funeral Sermon. Abstract 332 – Pelczéder, Katalin: An etymological and historical analysis of the geographical common noun séd ‘brook’. Part 1       336

Spoken language. Dudics Lakatos, Katalin: Developments of dialect attitudes of ethnic Hungarian students in Subcarpathia based on a repeated questionnaire survey Abstract      346

The history of linguistics. Nagy L., János: László Deme 100      355

Reviews. Kiss, Jenő: Jochen A. Bär – Anja Lobenstein-Reichmann – Jörg Riecke eds., Handbuch Sprache in der Geschichte. 363 – Bencze M., Ildikó: Attila Benő – János Péntek eds., Kognitív és pszicholingvisztikai szempontok a nyelvi érintkezések vizsgálatában [Cognitive and psycholinguistic aspects in the study of linguistic interactions]     367

Society news. Statement of the Society of Hungarian Linguistics with respect to the journal Magyar Nyelvőr. 374 – Vörös, Ottó: A last farewell to Géza Szabó (1934–2021)     374

Data from the history of Hungarian. Gréczi-Zsoldos, Enikő: A Palóc missile from the a 17th century      375

Contributors     383