Vol. XCVII.               March, 2001              No. 1.


Harmatta, János: From the Volga to the Danube. The historical progress of conquering Hungarians 1

Fehértói, Katalin: Doboka. A debated issue with respect to „Gesta Hungarorum” 15

Hoffmann, István: On the prospects of Uralic onomastics 29

Bokor, József: The use of Hungarian in the Mura area (Slovenia) at the turn of millennium 34

Kontra, Miklós: Three approaches to the description of an ongoing syntactic merger in Hungarian 53

Máté, Jakab: A synthesis of the history of Hungarian linguistics in the making? 64

· Minor Contributions. Dér, Csilla: I interpret, therefore I identify? On the grammatical relation within appositive constructions 77

· Etymologies. Juhász, Dezső: Two points on the role of linear analogy in word formation. 83Kicsi, Sándor András: On popular names for Fistulina hepatica. 85Péter, László: The nickname Etal 85

· Spoken Hungarian. Sándor, Anna: Linguistic attitudes in a minority situation 87

· Reviews. Pátrovics, Péter: Bańczerowski Janus, A nyelv és a nyelvi kommunikáció alapkérdései [Language and linguistic communication: the basic issues]. 95Lengyel, Zsolt: Gósy Mária, Pszicholingvisztika [Psycholinguistics]. 97Pesti, János: Bokor József – Guttmann Miklós, A muravidéki magyarság anyanyelvéért [For the mother tongue of Hungarians in the Mura area]. 99Posgay, Ildikó: Bartha Csilla, A kétnyelvűség alapkérdései [Fundamental issues in bilingualism]. 103Hattyár, Helga: Lampl Zsuzsanna, A saját útját járó gyermek [The child going its own way] 105

· Miscellanea. Kontra, Miklós: A conference on new ways of analysing variability (NWAV–29) 112

· Society News. Kiss, Jenő: The 96th General Assembly of the Society of Hungarian Linguistics. 113 Kiss, Jenő: Elemér Bakó: An obituary. 118 Hajdú, Mihály: István Fodor is 119. — Hajdú, Mihály: Jenő Janitsek is 121. — Communiqué of the Society of Hungarian Linguistics 122

· Data from the History of Hungarian. O. Behányi, Rita: A hitherto unknown 16th century copy of Arnold von Harff’s Hungarian–German glossary 123

          · Letters to the Editor. Szabó, József writes 126


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