Vol. XCVI.               December,               No. 4.


Pusztai, Ferenc: Cultural shifts and linguistic changes in the 20 th century 385

Bańczerowski, Janusz: Issues in language community and language policy — challenges and possibilities 391

Kertész, András: The prospects and limits of cognitive linguistics 402

Nemesi, Attila László: Strategies of impression management in conversation 418

Benő, Attila: Changes of expressivity in Hungarian borrowings from Romanian 436

Gregor, Ferenc: Loan translations of Hungarian origin in Slovak. Part 3. 446

· Minor Contributions . Gecső, Tamás: Question words and scope. 453Pásztor, Emil: The lexical world of Hungarian adverbs 459

· Etymologies . Büky, László: Mézes kendermag fossa ‘hempseed soup’. 465Fodor, István: „Northern” Donets 467

· Spoken Hungarian. P. Lakatos, Ilona: Lessons drawn from poached dialect data collected near the Hungarian–Ukrainian–Romanian border 469

· Reviews. É. Kiss Katalin — Kiefer Ferenc — Siptár Péter: Új magyar nyelvtan. New Hungarian Grammar (H. Tóth, Tibor). 474 On the history of linguistics in the 19 th and 20 th centuries (Dezső, László). 483 A nyelvtörténeti kutatások újabb eredményei. I. Magyar és finnugor mondattörténet. Recent results in historical linguistics. Part I. Hungarian and Finno-Ugric historical syntax (B. Gergely, Piroska). 487 Balázs Géza: A magyar pálinka. Hungarian fruit brandy (Guttmann, Miklós). 492 On Slovenian dialectology, with particular reference to a new collection of papers (Bokor, József) 496

· Miscellanea. É. Kiss, Katalin — Kiefer, Ferenc — Siptár, Péter: Reflections on the review of Új magyar nyelvtan [New Hungarian Grammar] 499Juhász, Dezső: The Third International Congress of Dialectologists and Geolinguists 503

· Society News. Grétsy, László: László Elekfi is 80. 505Hajdú, Mihály: Kálmán Bolla is 70 . — Kiss, Lajos: At the inauguration of László Gáldi’s commemorative plaque 509


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