Aims and methodsi

Our long-run mission


Aims and methods:

Ever since the National Federation of Hungarian Diabetics had been established, we were missing the active age-group from the organised groups of diabetics. During the previous years we managed to activate this layer as well. The Federation’s presidency is doing its utmost in order to assure this age-group the conditions of joining the movement and participating in its actions. The leaders of our section and those of the Federation are determined to make you get to know each other, furthermore to provide you with all the information concerning your diabetes. Join the Juvenile Section NOW and help each other!

The Presidency of the National Federation of Hungarian Diabetics / Macosz

Those participating in the work of our section set out to:
acquaint people with diabetes of the same age through national meetings and
make them set up and run local groups, independent organisations.
The way pointed out is quite a long and demanding one. Hopefully, we will have enough power, ideas and persistency to fulfil our dreams. Our sponsors’ support is essential for us in order to do these job. For this we would like to thank again.

The organizing committee



The National Federation of Hungarian Diabetics and its Juvenile Section are awaiting the application of all diabetics who are over 18. We would like to get to know many of our fellows and inform them about our programs. We are happy about the report of those as well who do not want to participate in the events but would like to receive information about our work. Besides your name, your address and your health care provider’s name, write us about your requirements towards the section.

Thank you in forward for your help.


Our long-run mission:

Postal address:
Juvenile Section of the National Federation of Hungarian Diabetics
H-1592 Budapest, P.O. Box: 552, HUNGARY