On Difference #2
Judit Angel's curatorial concept

The Manamana publication project initiated by artists in 2000 was one of the first media that introduced globalisation critical discourse in Hungary and succeeded in developing a network of people engaged in independent activities. It did so at a time when both critical discourse and collective action were scarcely present within the local (art) scene.
    Since then a lot of independent forums - among them indymedia - have appeared and the role played by Manamana has slowly been accomplished by many other actors of Hungarian civil society. In this context Manamana is reconsidering its function, the updating of its website being part of this process.

Miklos Erhardt will present excerpts of his on-going interview project in which he is asking artists, cultural workers from the local and the international art scene, about their motivations to opt for collaborative work as well as about their related frustrations, in an attempt to develop a sort of manual of collaborative practices. The excerpts will be presented both as audio edits and English scripts.

'With or Without Me'
Excerpts from an on-going interview project by Miklós Erhardt
Manamana’s on-line version presents 'Geschlossene Kultur - geschlossene Gesellschaft', a new interview from the series realised by Tibor Várnagy with Germany based journalist and media-researcher, Magdalena Marsovszky. The interview considers the position of culture in Germany and Hungary and the role of cultural policy in preventing cultural conflicts (available in German and Hungarian).
'Geschlossene Kultur - geschlossene Gesellschaft'
Ein Email-Gespräch zwischen Magdalena Marsovszky und TBBvárnagy
Januar 2006

'Zárt kultura, zárt társadalom'
Marsovszky Magdolna és várnagyTBB e-mail beszélgetése
2006 január