Krisztián Kristóf
1976.05.08 Budapest
1993-99 Studio Moholy-Nagy
1996-2003 Hungarian Acadeny of Fine Arts, painter dpt.
2002 Member of Studio for Young Artists Association

Krisztián Kristóf:  Double self-portrait / A) Subjective nr.1-16 (19,7cm x 9,2cm each), 2003

Krisztián Kristóf:  Double self-portrait / B) Objective (40cm x 40cm), 2003

exhibition view with the Subjective Selfportrait

Krisztián Kristóf: Folklorid Nr.1 and Nr.2(not finished)
This is a documentary interview-series about homeless people in Budapest.
The portraits are in the fake clothes of comic-strips, in this trap-kind of situation
in a hungarian newspaper, the facts are looking like stupid eye-candies.This is a
packaging-experiment, its first two parts i made here in Nykarleby.

Group exhibitions:
1990-1998       Moholy-Nagy Stúdió, Budapest, Hungary
1997           "First Shot", Támaszpont Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
2000           "Free Fall" , Trafó, Budapest, Hungary
2000           "Children of Orion" (Flat-exhibition), Budapest, Hungary
2001           "Service", Műcsarnok ( Esterházy-Kerekes-Kristóf-Szentesi ), Budapest, Hungary
2002           ”Csapó 1”, Budapest Galéria Lajos utcai Kiállítóháza, Budapest, Hungary
2003           ”Diploma”, Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem, Barcsay Terem, Budapest, Hungary

Randomroutines :
2003           “Pioneers”, Montescaglioso, Italy
2003           “Gallery by Night, GARBA beszámoló”, Stúdió Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
2004           ”Selected Adventures of”, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam
2005           ”Dorota and The Randomroutines Live”, Vaasa Taidehalli, Vaasa,
2005           “The Same Again”, Lumen Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
2005           ”LOG-LINE”, Stúdió Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

One Man Show :
2002           ”Thursday”, Bercsényi Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

Workshopok, AIR
2003           ”GARBA 2003”, Montescaglioso, Italy
2004           ”Nykarleby-Budapest” csereprogram, Nykarleby, Finnland
2004           “Finngrund” workshop, Finnland

Award :
2003           Hermann Lipót – 1.prise