Kerekes Gábor: 1984. május 1./May Day, Felvonulási tér/Felvonulási Square, Budapest

Strange pictures.
Not eccentric, not unnatural.
And yet secretive and reflective.
Maintained in a strongly contrasting black and white, while
simultaneously being hazy, blurred.
Each image surrounded by black frame.
No figures whatsoever, and is those places where they do appear
they are deprived of all human qualities.
Objects and architecture, so commonplace and yet unreal, harboring
som secret of existence.
Abandoned building, which los all qualities of any form of usefulness
and become masses suspended in spacs.
The archaeozation of time.
A trip into the twilight of reticence, infinity and destruction.
Deformations right up to the borderline of reality.
Melancholy and the sense of passing time.
All this and something else - something which is difficult to describe
and lacks any appropriate name.
The elusive aura emanating from the photographs of Gábor Kerekes
defines, in my view, their strenght and enduring values.

Marek Grygiel