The weight of lightness

First collaborative exhibition and a coincidental meeting.

Telling places to give them a form and borderlines. Making maps by words and drawings. Organic travel stories. Perception of a change, when an environment transforms from strange to familiar. Everything is seen through one's personal history, we all have our own world and a way to see our surroundings. A visitor of the exhibition can put her head to the unlimited. What are the boundaries of thought? The weight of mind?

The physicality of making art and experiencing it. An artwork may also be a place that can be changed and reshaped. A viewer is surrounded by a painting put together of fragments, made specially for this space. The exhibition will be modified during its existence.

The weight of lightness. A mass that gains its weight from particles, from <small details. The lightness of life fitting in a suitcase can become heavy. Like the overwhelming anonymity of an unknown language

A dialog about language and how it is not to know a language. Sayings and word games. A language with nuances and color and the language of pictures.