Kirsten earlier in the Liget
Kirsten in Budapest, 2010
    Kirsten Tomas Dehlholm:
  A Winter Fairytale

On upon a time my girlfriend and I wanted to do something. It was one week before Christmas. The snow was falling slowly outside the window. We made up a plan: to get up very early every morning all six days in the week before Christmas Eve. To put on a very rich and fancy, long and thick furcoat. To make up with eyeshadow and lipstick - but not too much. To take the car to the endstation of the subway. To enter the early morning train that brings all the people to work in the city. To reach out one hand to every passenger, to do the begging, in silence.
And so we did. First we had to find  some very rich friends who would like to lend us their fancy furcoat. Then we had to get up very early in the morning and put on red lipstick. Then to drive in the thick snow and wait for the train to come. And then we entered the train. In the warm waggon we began the begging. And the train stopped at the first station called FREEDOM. And did not leave the station until we left the train. Because begging is not allowed in this country.
So we get up very early the next morning to continue our duty but my girlfriend had a bad toothache and we went back to bed. And the toothache did not stop until the sixth day of the week. So we got up very early in the cold morning and put on our warm furcoat and drove out to the train waitingfor us to come. We went all the way into the city passing the stationsnamed Soulcrazy, Streamfield, Icehigh, Sunred Strand, Beertown, Southharbour, without being stopped from begging.
One woman gave us 5 crowns. She was dark and an Indian woman.
On the seventh day we got up very late in the morning and we gave back the furry coats to our rich friends with many thanks and a bottle of wine. They had been freezing all week.
My girlfriend might be in Budapest right now working on another project.

July 1990