Hungarian Railways in New Colors

The new railway timetable has taken effect on Sunday, May 24th. Hungarian State Railways Ltd. (MÁV) have launched some new services.

Rebuilt railbuses are operating on some lines, complete with airplane-style seats and air-conditioning. As the new trains have good connections to InterCity trains, they were smartly nick-named "InterPici", which means InterTiny in English.

The new InterTiny service from Miskolc to Sátoraljaújhely, seen at Szerencs station.
(May 24, 1998. Photograph: Ferenc Joó)

In the next two years, MÁV is rebuilding 250 suburban coaches to InterCity standards. The first such train will enter service before the autumn on the Hatvan-Budapest line. To match the cars, the engines will receive the new livery as well, which will be graffiti resistant.

The leadership of MÁV and the environmentalists hope to attract many passengers who previously used their cars to commute to Budapest and contributed to the air pollution downtown.

The first repainted suburban engine in service, yet with a standard train.
(May 24, 1998 in Eger. Photograph: Ferenc Joó)

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