The main objective of the Hungarian health care reform is the  termination of the hospital-centered health care and placing the basic medical care into the focus. It is the indispensable condition of this reform.

Our days the number of citizens over 60 years is near to 20%, by 2000 this can be more then 20%.  So we must prepare ourselves today for satisfying the forecasted needs of tomorrow. There is an increase not only in the number of old patients, but the industrial development has aggravated the number of people in their active ages who are affected by various risk factors and standing on the verge of becoming ill.

That is why we hold extremely important the prevention of illnesses and the discovering of risk factors in time.
The home care, which is humane, patient-centered and efficient, can reduce the number of beds in the hospitals and the costs spent on hospitals. It is our aim to help the old and isolated patients by establishing home care centers.


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