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(A Library of Congress katalógus rekordjai )

Hoffmann-Riem, Wolfgang.
 Regulating media : the licensing and supervision
 of broadcasting in six countries

Cultural complexity in organizations : inherent
contrasts and contradictions
Sonja A. Sackmann, editor.

 Reeves, Byron, 1949-
 The media equation : how people treat computers,
  television, and new media like real people and places

  Harrop, Martin.
 Elections and voters : a comparative introduction

 Regulating the changing media : a comparative  study
 edited by David Goldberg, Tony Prosser, and Stefaan

Cultures of Internet : virtual spaces, real histories, living bodies
edited by Rob Shields.

  Mole, John, 1945-
 Mind your manners : managing business cultures in Europe

 Castells, Manuel.
 End of millennium

 Public relations : strategies and tactics
 Dennis L. Wilcox, Phillip H. Ault, Warren K. Agee.

Mass media and society
edited by James Curran and Michael Gurevitch.

Michael, Kunczik.
Images of nations and international public relations (Volume 3)

 Europe 2000 : what kind of television?
 report of the European Television Task Force,
 President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

 Information technology and society : a reader
  edited by Nick Heap ... [et al.].

Global society and international relations

Cosmopolitan democracy : an agenda for a new world order
 edited by Daniele Archibugi and David Held.

Questions of cultural identity
 edited by Stuart  Hall and Paul du Gay.

Media and cultural regulation
 edited by Kenneth Thompson.

Manuel, Castells.
The rise of the network society (Volume 1)

Mansell, Robin.
The new telecommunications : a political economy of  network evolution

Preston, P. W.
Political / cultural indentity : citizens and  nations in a global era

Owen, Bruce M.
 Video economics

Ethnic minority media : an international perspective
 edited by Stephen Harold Riggens.

 Matuˆstík, Martin Joseph, 1957-
 Postnational identity : critical theory and  existential philosophy in Habermas, Kierkegaard, and Havel

Globalization, communication, and transnational civil society
  edited by Sandra Braman, Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi.

The media in Western Europe : the Euromedia  handbook
    Bernt Stubbe Ostergaard, editor.

Deregulating regulators? : communications policies for the '90s.

Edwards, Derek.
Discourse and cognition

Discourse as social interaction : discourse studies : a multidisciplinary introduction
 Teun A. van Dijk, editor.

 Negrine, Ralph M.
 The communication of politics

Mowlana, Hamid, 1937-
 Global communication in transition

Prospects for democracy : North, South, East, West
    edited by David Held.

Dordick, Herbert S., 1925-
 The information society : a retrospective view

 Mulgan, Geoff.
      Politics in an antipolitical age

A Sage kiadó új könyvei, könyvtárunkban

( A Sage kiadó katalógus rekordjai)

African Americans and the Public Agenda
The Paradoxes of Public Policy
Edited By: Cedric Herring

Cultural Complexity in Organizations
Inherent Contrasts and Contradictions
Edited By: Sonja A Sackmann

The Commercialization of American Culture
New Advertising, Control and Democracy
Authored By: Matthew P McAllister

Constructing the Self in a Mediated World
Edited By: Debra Grodin, Thomas R Lindlof

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