Püspökladány is situated in the centre of the Great Hungarian Plain (Nagy Alföld) on a small hill amoung the marshes at the meeting point of three regions: Hortobágy, Nagysárrét, and Nagykunság.

It was an inhabited place already before our era, the excavations on the Kincses-domb (Treasury Hill) are giving evidence of it. The rests of the chapel from Árpád-age (they are to sec in the cemetery) the first written certificate from the year 1351 are proving the oldness of the city. The Karacs Ferenc Museum has lot of relics. This museum is named after a Püspökladány borne cartographer: Ferenc Karacs.

The former agroculture city has got the rights of a modern city in 1986. It had been the administrative, cultural, medical and trading centre of the Nagysárrét region for many decades. Püspökladány has now 17.000 inhabitants, two middle schools, a court, police station and several financial institutions.

The national roads No. 4 and 42 are crossing the town, which is an important exhange point also on the main railroads. The newly renowated building of the railway station is more than 100 years old.

The water of the all year around open bath belongs to the medical waters with iodine, which is good for lot of illnesses (e.g. Lumbolis dorsalis sponyilsis). In the closest neighbourhood of the bath there is a camping and a motel awaiting the guests of the city.

The farm Ágota-puszta has a real feeling of Hortobágy. The wooden bridge above the Hortobágy-Berettyó-river is a famous sight of the environs.

The 74 years old unique arboretum in Wolf-Island Forest (Farkas-sziget) is a curiosity. The afforestation of the salty areas started here in 1924. The town offers for organised groups and families: accomodation, biking, horse riding and couches.

The chores operating in the city (Haladás ÁFÉSZ and Csenki), the children and youth folk dance groups, The Sárrét Folk Ansamble are leading in their categories. The sculptor Mr. Lajos Győrfy has been acting in the city for longer time. A lot of his works are decorating Püspökladány and other Hungarian cities.

The environs are rich of small wild animals, so the hunting possibilities are excellent. The lakes in the south of the city are offering nice time for anglers.

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