Children Club House the youngest people’s cultural institution can be easily found in the heart of our tourn.

Variosus programmes are organized for children from four-five.

Most visitors are pupils from primary schools, but studentes over fourteen do not have to get outside our gate.

We set up our programmes in five main themes: fine arts - craftmanship, eurhythmy - dance, music, dramatic games, science - such as physics and environmental protection.

These areas have

Visitors are welcomed regularly with 20-25 activities from October till the end of May. At the moment the following activities, courses and groups are available.

drama-acting, studio of reciting poetry, folkdance, decorater, craft, fine art, enamel-work, etching, ceramics, fancy-leather, threading of beads, yoga, astronomer, aerobic, common dance.

We organize courses also for the teachers of the town especially in dramatic pedagogy and craft.

Our programmes meet every current requirement. However number of groups alreday have significant traditions, some of them have run for more than a decade.

Children can go to the Children Club House to spend their spare time in winter, spring and summer holidays.

There are “gamehouse”, “dancehouse”, geography and history of art pesentations every months.

We organize programmes for each day of the holydays to give a chance to those children who do not travel with their parents on holidays, who do not go camp and who prefer playing with us.

You can find courses lasting one or two weeks in summer holiday. For instance young magicians, jewel makers.

“Kormos István” reciting poetry competition was established in 1990 for school children. Shortly this competition was followed by the tale-teller day of the nurdery school children.

We organize festivals once a year for students too.

Every year

we announce a competition connected with a poem, and children have tomake their favourite toys.

Important historical events are recalled and several games relating to these events are created for children. The previously handed oud tasks help the participans todeepen their study about the given anniversay.

We organize exhibitions 5-6 time every year in order to show children’s works. On the other hand we would like to provide participanta comprehensive knowledge through presentation of natural historical, technical, ethnographical, fine arts collections.

In summer holiday we organize camps specialized in an area. For example, folkmusic, folkdance, drama acting, craft.

Our wandering camp has been popular for years first of all among those children who like long tours.

1. Building if Children Club house

2. Craftmanship group in work

3. Cheramints are working

4. Basket-maker course

5.Folkdance group “Lippentő”

6.Summer holiday’s programmes”Hajci-hő-ség”

7. Clown ball

8.”I make my toys”

9.Exhibition of aeroplane models

10. Water tour of kayak-canoe group in summer

11. Drama acting

12. A short rest in the wandering camp