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FONÓ was established because we wanted to have a place, where we all can come together.

For centuries there was a place in Hungarian villages where the community could gather the otherwise boring but necessary activities of everyday life: corn-husking or spinning was better together. They were telling stories, they were singing and discussed village matters during the evenings. It was the true, real home of  folk culture, of a tradition spreading from mouth to mouth. Nowadays culture and information are presented for us by the media in a pre-printed, pre-composed form, lacking all of the natural effects of communal contact. The need for paying is reduced mostly to the telephone games of television and radio. But this stream brings up customers whose duty is to desire the actual pop-star or detergent, and who should feel bad for being left out from something. Now and then mention is made of how the nation may survive, not only the Hungarian nation but all the communities who were whirled here in the course of centuries (alternative with good or bad winds).

We would like giving possibility to everyone can realise and choose what he/she considers to his/her own.
For this reason we wanted to have a place where we could come together, could get to know the happiness, sadness, the ideas of the others - the music, the dances, the culture.

Although we had had no experiences of this kind, we believe that a place like this should be basically self-supporting since living exclusively on the constant support of the others would necessarily mean for us to fall into discredit. As the spinnery was maintained by the strict laws of the village community, our FONÓ could also not be able to exist without the support of those who agree with our ideas.

FONÓ can fulfil its role if more and more people feel its aims their own and by their presence and interest they would keep it alive.

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