Gyõzõ Határ


The weeds the weeds the weeds each bleeding weed
endowed indeed with devastating greed

un-cullable un-killable - a pain!
eradicate them but they grow again

you mow them hoe them show them who is boss
but they just grow and do not give a toss

they plan their moves with great intelligence
between the flagstones downpipes and the fence

the window box is no more weedage-proof
then chimney pots or tiles upon the roof

barbed-wire thorns and nettles lead the chase
- the troops of an imperialist race

mangrove forests and man-trap swamps of gleet
appear beneath your unsuspecting feet

as noisome bristles of the thistle rise
like poisoned darts before your very eyes

you try to treat them chemically to beat them
or meet them head on but you can't defeat them

luxuriant and oozing deadly bane
these un-sown creepers drive you quite insane

forever young unbroken like a child
they rule the Earth and turn the garden wild

and you? a spent discarded broken reed
beneath the weight of wagon-loads of weed

Priscilla Praga


  © All rights belong to the authors or their heirs. 2004.