Drawings by János HÁY.
Hungarian Poetry: István Bálint
István Bálint is an actor, theatre - director, poet who had to leave Hungary in 1976 with a group of theatre people led by Péter Halász. Called the Squat Theatre they settled a year later in New York. After leaving Hungary became very soon internationaly known in the avantgarde theatre-world. The group dissolved in the late eighties. After the collapse of socialism in East-Europe, Bálint returned to Budapest in 1990. Now he works there as a free lance artist.


Seaport Dialogues II

In the golden afternoon
The dog of Satan’s dreaming Moon,
Half-eaten bone in the sky.
Heavy dinner, heavy dream.
From the landing-stage I hear a scream!
Like a street dance, evil trance.

Canibal, carnival,
good bye son, I bolt you down.
It just tastes fine in the hell,
all my jokes’re selling well.

Slowly moving we both swear
never to be prisoner.
It was a nice honeymoon,
We are cursed and very soon.

Seaport dialogues III


Good and bad only the freedom for.
Danse macabre Rock and Roll!
But a godlike stranger walks the water
and landing at you as a brand new boat.
’Sire, my husband’s the capitan.
’Girl, I’m the scapegoat.

After New York


Right now!

There is a man and a little girl
walking down the lane, hand in hand.
Among the sunflowers stands a junky,
who turns around.
Anna Frank and Imre Kertész are passing by.
There is gigling and laughter from afar.
I’m straight. Great!

Seaport dialogue with T.G.M.


Ezra Pound and Heiddegger’re killing time in hell.
They are playing kard, sixhundred sixty six.
Their heart is pumping blood and mud.
It’s a hungarian game and a fix.

But no help between our big rivers,
no help beyond the good and bad.
Everybody’s cheering aloud, ri-ri-ri Hungary!
But Our Lady is sad. Virgin Mary for Hungary.

Sex, Drogs and Rockandroll

Please, give me God a cloud in the sky
Swimming slowly above my head.
I lay down my knive and spoon and ... why?
I’m a looser, I said.


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