Christmas World: Australia
Excellent page with exactly what we need:
e-mailing children from around the world about Christmas in their respective English-speaking countries.
Also link to a page with Australian Christmas Songs.
Christmas in Australia
One short description of Christmas in Australia. No images. Similar to the e-mails we received.
Very nice xmas page with no specific info but cute little animations and many good links.
This is part of a personal home page as I understand.
Christmas Traditions in the UK
Very good and practical description of what xmas is like in the UK. More textual than visual info, but nice little pictures scattered through the text. This is the official page of a primary school in England.
Home page
This is an official page on Quebec and France.
Nicely done, but difficult to access and totally irrelevant to us.
Christmas Down Under
EVERYTHING you want to know on Christmas in Australia. Stories and pictures from students. Downloadable songs. Detailed description of Xmas traditions.
A must !
Christmas Customs - From Yearling
Very professional home page with highly scientific historical and regional data about Xmas in Britain. Links to sub-topics like Xmas food, greenery etc. Maintained by a UK-based TV information and listing company, Yearling.
Chris Hill - Christmas Stories
A personal home page with a fairly good collection of Xmas-related links. No other info here.
Nerd World : CHRISTMAS
Another link collection on Xmas, but this time really-really exhaustive. The number of links is uncountable and I have not checked most of them. Maintained by professional company. This shows just how good they are.
Christmas in Canada
Manual for a school exercise for children learning Canadian geography.
I don't think we can use this but it is interesting to see and nicely decorated.
Christmas in Canada
Pure text file containtaing an extract or short story by Marguerite de Angeli depicting Xmas in Canada (perhaps Quebec). For literature oriented classes. Part of the Christmas Around the World server
Christmas in the British Isles!
Pure text file describing well Xmas specifically in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, with some historical background.
Part of the Christmas Around the World server
Christmas Around the World
Information server on Xmas. Provides info on customs in very different countries. Links to shopping, songs, happenings etc. Nicely decorated.
The Xmas page for children!
Purely grpahical presentation, has useful info on traditional objects, interactive games, e-mailing possibilities and a lot more... Must be slow to download in some places, but it worked all right on my machine. Note that this is not specific info on any country but a real pleasure to visit.