Survival Tips

How to survive your first year at DELL

1. Pre-register the clever way! Come at least 6-7 hours in advance to what is on the notice posters.

2. Don't eat the cafeteria food! This will definitely NOT replace Mom's cooking, but expect the line 'mummy, I feel funny' within hours.

3. Don't expect your stipend until your second term! Make sure to borrow some money in time.

4. Start drinking coffee and smoking (or some way pretend you do so). You must have something to do between your 8 o'clock and 2 o' clock class!

5. Never argue with the librarians and especially never say 'Next week, I promise'. Don't forget that they are the ones running the library and they can cut your supplies any time!

6. Get the books on your exam reading-list after the first class and keep them for the rest of the term! If you don't want to spend endless nights going through all the libraries in Budapest or looking over someone's shoulder in the cafe to prepare for an exam, hog the books!

7. Don't think you will be able to use any of the side doors! This little castle cannot be accessed from the direction you are coming from!

8. Do not look for a head teacher to give you guidance, you are basically on your own here. Warm your heart occasionally with your secondary school memories!

9. Want to have fun? Organise it! Use the laws of statistics: inviting 10 people will mean 5 will remember and 2.5 will turn up!

10. Do not think your English will improve - this ain't no language school, man! You will soon realise that people are asking you for English words - after all you ARE an English major - start lying!

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