A Reading Exercise

The history and life of Jamaica might be not very well known to you. A short account of its past can be read here.

Now,for some cultural education, I would like you to read one happy chapter of Jamaica`s sportslife, how the Jamaican football team, also known as the Reggae Boys qualified for the 1998 World Cup in France

So, just read the text carefully, and then try to tell, whether the following comprehension-check statements are true or false.Then click on the answer button to see the hidden answer.

  1. Jamaica beat Mexico 1-0 in their final game.

  2. Jamaica is the first English speaking Caribbean nation to qualify for the World Cup Finals.
  3. The Jamaica Football Federation will receive 50,000USD for qualifying.
  4. Prime Minister PJ Patterson declared the next day, November 17 a national public holiday.
  5. The National Stadium was full in the game against Mexico.
  6. El Salvador defeated the USA 4-2 in the other qualifying game.

    Jamaica is also famous for its reggae music which reflects how cheerful and happy people the Jamaicans are. Bob Marley was one of the apostles of reggae and thanks to him nowadays reggae is popular worldwide. The language of these songs is usually almost unintelligible for non-Jamaican speakers.To see an example, go to the next page.