Headway Pre-Intermediate

This collection of exercises is for students who want supplementary material to the book Headway Pre-Intermediate (1-3 lessons). It is written for you to use without a teacher.

The exercises will be useful for you:

- if you have the next language teaching CD-ROMs: Talk to Me 1 (copyright AURALOG) and Small Talk 1 (Libra Multimedia Limited) and you are interested in topics: "Describing oneself", "Introductions", "Family", "Meeting";

- if you want to develop your vocabulary and pronunciation with using these CDs;

- if you can use the Internet to know more about the Titanic story and James Bond films and actors;

- if you want to control your grammar knowledge with Internet tests.

Firstly you have to get acquainted with your book (Units 1 and 2), then do my exercises. Unit 3 starts with these exercises.

I have got my students to do these exercises in the Telecommunication Technical School called Puskas Tivadar and I want to develop this material during the next school-year.

Unit 1

3rd lesson

Repetition: About yourself, your family and your friends

Use the next CD-s: Talk to Me 1 or Small Talk 1


Try to do different exercises (listening, pronunciation, spelling and you can play games either)

4th lesson

Page 9: Skills development

Exercise 3

Look up the words in your bilingual dictionary or in the Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary (CD). Write down the translation or the English explanation. (Work in your notebook.)

Page 10: Vocabulary

Exercise 4

Look up the words in italics in your bilingual dictionary, then in the Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary. Find the right meaning and write a new sentence with another meaning of the word. (Work in your notebook.)

Unit 2

4th lesson

Page 15: Language review

Do a little Internet test about the Simple Present and Present Progressive. You can control your solution at the end of the test.

Page 17: Vocabulary

Use the Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary to check the meanings and the pronunciations of the words in the vocabulary networks and the interview.

6th lesson

Page 18: Everyday English. Prices

Exercise 2

Use the Internet for exchange rate information:

What is the exchange rate between

Unit 3

1st lesson


Page 19, exercise 1

Do the exercise, then do an Internet test on the past tense forms of the irregular verbs. You can control your solution.

Page 19, exercise 2

Read the text. Use your dictionary to help or use an Internet dictionary

Probably, you know the Titanic story.

Try to answer the next questions.

When did Titanic sink?

How many passangers died then?

Who was the designer and builder of the ship?

If you want to know the exact answer, read its story on the Internet.

Try to ask 3 questions in connection with this story.

6th lesson

Skills development

Have you ever seen a James Bond film or read a Bond story by Ian Fleming?

Read a short article about Roger Moore, one of the actors who played this role, and answer these questions:

What is the difference between Moore's and Connery's Bond?

Who else has ever played this role?

Why was Roger Moore quite recognizable before playing Bond?

How many Bond films does he have?

What does UNICEF mean?

There are a lot of links in this article. Go to one of these links and collect some pieces of information.

This page is designed by Karner Judit, the teacher of Puskas Tivadar Tavkozlesi Technikum, Budapest, Hungary.