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Choose one of the tales below and fill in the parts of speech to create your own funny story. Check out the tales created by visitors like you or send us your own!
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Choose one of OUR tales:

(These Wacky Web Tales are geared for grades 4 and above.)

The Play's the Thing Mother Goose Gazette What a Buy!
The Audition What Will the Weather Be? Two Cinquains
Lessons Aesop Never Taught On the Track of Bigfoot What Are Friends For?
The Mummy The Camping Trip Up Close and Personal

Archive of Tales

Choose one of YOUR tales:

Play our new tales written by student writers Aimee Riska from North Carolina, Katelyn, and Elizabeth from Kentucky.

Would you or your students like to write your own Wacky Web Tales and get them posted here? We'd love to hear them! Just read these instructions and then write your tale and send it to tales@hmco.com.

America Another Wacky Web Recipe My Little Sister
The Trip to Another Planet Hollywood The Disaster
Shopping at the Mall Swimming Bedtime
To Bake a Cake The Chocolate Cafe Sports News
Wizard of Odd Going to the Mall A Trip Through the Woods
The Family Picnic Watching TV Monkey Madness
The Cute Boy The Scariest Day of My Life Web Cooking Show!
My Birthday My Dream The Movies
The Beauty Pageant The Story of a Romantic Couple A Bad School Day
Under My Bed The Trip to the Zoo I'm Moving
My Farm Top Ten Excuses For Not Cleaning Your Room Lost
Going Fishing The Weird School Ridiculous Thoughts
The Fateful Journey At the Mall Serious Problems
A Fairy Tale Some of My Dreams The Roller Coaster Surprise Date
Wacky Recipe 3 The Play The Vacation
After School Snack At the Movie Theater The Roller Coaster
Mom's Old Toy Chest The Ultimate Total Workout A Visit to the Zoo
Why Me? Beach Rules The Weirdest School Day Ever
Going Out The Science Experiment School
My Cars Oh Joy! Going to the Movies
A Celebrity Calls A Very Special Date My Dream Girl
The Substitute Teacher Popcorn My First Day of School
My Almost Boring Day Watching a Comet I Finally Met Him
The Day My Dog Went to School One Weird Recipe Get Me Out!
I Believe The Hockey Game Cool Rides
The Show The Troublesome Pet Walking the Dog
A Camping Trip There's an Animal in My Desk! Fun Night
Our Friend My Pet The Mystery of Michael Jordan

Students' Archive of Tales

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