Course outline : Autumn 1997

The purpose of this course is to explore the possibilities of using computers in the language classroom. We will discuss students' individual differences, learning styles and strategies, motivation and other factors influencing learning. We will try to connect these to the advantages and disadvantages of of using computers, multimedia, CALL games, e-mail and Internet in the language class.

Class 1. Introduction. Getting to know each other. Skills checklist and needs analysis.
Class 2. Computers and configurations. Networks. DOS.
Class 3. Computers in the language learning environment. Seating plans. Individual differences between learners.
Class 4. Motivating with computers. Language teaching games and software.
Class 5. Multimedia and language teaching.
Class 6. E-mail, Mailing lists, Discussion groups, Listservs.
Class 7. E-mail and professional development.
Class 8. Introduction to the Internet: Netscape, Gopher, FTP, Telnet
Class 9. Creativity and the Internet.
Class 10. Lesson plans and the Internet.
Class 11. Keeping learners focused: Classroom management vs. Virtual classroom management.
Class 12. It's fun but what can you use to teach?
Class 13. ESP and CALL
Class 14. Evaluation of course.


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