Phase 2
(Robert Ligeti)

Section two consisted of two lessons Lesson 1 in traditional classroom setting and the Lesson 2 in a computer lab. The aim of the first lesson was to revise basic skills of writing a narrative, and to introduce students to the publishing policy of Deil Lingua Center.

Lesson 1

Aim of the lesson:
Prepare students for writing a narrative and introduce them to Deil Lingua Center

Tasks: 1.) Gap filling exercise where students had to use the correct form (Simple Past or Past Perfect) of the given verbs. Since students had just learnt Past Perfect this exercises meant further practice of an important section of their original syllabus.

2.) Jumbled text. Students had to arrange sentences of a short piece of writing and then we discussed the structure of the text.

3.) They had to read about the publishing policy of Deil Lingua Center, Exchange. Students were given the text taken from the Internet without any changes, though I had added definitions of the most important words. Then they had to answer comprehension questions. Since it was the first time that they were preparing for publishing, I felt obliged to get them learn about it.

In this way they were prepared for their visit to Deil Lingua Center and the idea of publishing their own writings was introduced.

Lesson 2

Aim of the lesson:
Get students (working in groups) write a short narrative.

1.) Though, students had been prepared for writing on the first lesson, they still had to be encouraged, and expected to get familiar with the site where were to publish. So they were asked to read some texts of a former Class Project.
Students were given a questionaire with comprehension questions about three pieces of writing, which I had previously chosen, and some questions concerning their reactions to the texts. The questionaires provided us with a fairly clear picture of their real understanding of the texts and their attitude toward it and the idea of writing a similar text.

2.) Students were asked to read their log files, recorded by MUDWin (see Attila's lesson 2). They were expected to use it as raw materials for their narraties. However, it turned out that one group had not run MUDWin properly and so it failed to record their communication. Consequently, this group was given the choice of writing about something else, according to their taste.
Unfortunately, students did not have time to finish their writings during the lesson. They only got as far as taking notes, so they had to finish their stories the following lesson. By that lesson most of the students had changed their minds and decided to write about various topics, perhaps encouraged by the sample writings they had to read.

Post lesson work:
Students finalized their writings, working in groups or in pairs, on their consequtive lesson with the guidance of Judit Gyulavari. When they have finished I received their texts via e-mail, and put them together, and sent it to Deil Lingua Center.
Due to certain difficulties our project got published on 1st October, 1997. This was unfortunately a fairly late date and students hardly remembered that they had once sent their writings at all. When informed, they were happy, though.

You can reach DEIL LINGUA CENTER at the following URLs:

Deil Lingua Center homepage at http:// // .
Ex*change at .
Or the Neumann Project directly at http: // .....

Some other sites where students can publish their own writings:

1. Electronic Magazine .

2. Project Page .

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