Academic Skills


Course Description
Spring 1997

Course description: The purpose of this course is to enable you to write and present a research essay/paper according to academic conventions. For this you will need to use the library and its resources efficiently, analyze sources relevant to your topic, and prepare a reference section. You will have to be able to take meaningful notes and to organize these notes for your paper. You would also have to give a presentation on your topic and answer questions on your research.

Your responsibilities as a student in this course:
You must hand in all assignments on time.
You must be an active member of the class.
You should attend classes.

Grading: Your final grade will be based on the following:
Attendance and participation
Self - and peer evaluation
Final draft of research essay

Class 1.Course orientation; Getting to know each other; Needs analysis. Goals and requirements. Review of last term.

Class 2. What is a research paper? (topic, length, organization); Choose research subject; Research schedule.

Class 3. Research topic and preliminary thesis. Using discovery techniques to focus on a topic. How to avoid plagiarism? Techniques of citation. The APA format.

Class 4.Defining the paper`s purpose. Techniques for note-taking; Form, documentation.
* In-class essay writing.

Class 5. Visit to the library; Techniques of library use for research work; Research beyond library. Other sources of research.

Class 6.Reading and recording information. Types of reading. Evaluating sources. Techniques for organizing note-cards. Working with an outline.

Class 7. Planning a research paper - first draft.

Class 8. Analysis of the first draft. A review of basic patterns of development. Techniques for reviewing the paper. Techniques for self- and peer evaluation.

Class 9. Documentation of sources; Preparing the final draft. Revising, editing, proofreading.
* In-class essay writing.

Class 10. Analysis of the final draft; Self- and peer evaluation;

Class 11. Techniques for presentation. Using visual aids. Posters, OHts and handouts.

Class 12. Presentation of papers.

Class 13. Presentation of papers.

Class 14. Marking of the papers; evaluation of the course.


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