Academic Skills


Course Description
Autumn 1996

Course description:The purpose of this course is to enable you to write narrative and discursive essays according to academic writing conventions. For thhis you would need to use the library efficiently, formulate your thesis, write appropriate paragraphs and topic sentences, use examples, connectors, and correct punctuation. In this course we are going to practice different techniques that would enable you to write creatively AND academically.

Your responsibilities as a student in this course: You must be an active member of the class.
You should attend classes.
You must hand in all assigments on time.

Grading: Your final grade will be based on the following:
Attendance and participation
Self- and peer evaluation
Final drafts of essays

Class 1. Course orientation. Getting to know each other. Types of writing.

Class 2. Academic writing - definition. Basic format requirements.

Class 3.Process of writing: planning, organizing, techniques for note-taking, revising.

Class 4. Paragraphs. Types of paragraphs. Topic sentences.

Class 5.Paragraphs. Transition between paragraphs. Revision techniques.
* Outline for descriptive essay due.

Class 6.Writing an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Techniques for revision. Peer-evaluation.
* Descriptive essay due for in-class revision.

Class 7.Linking, transition. Length and unity. The narrative essay.

Class 8.Style, register, vocabulary.
* Outline fro narrative essay due.

Class 9.The argumentative essay. Techniques for giving support. The oral debate - preparation.
* Descriptive essay due for in-class revision.

Class 10. Oral debate.
* Outline for argumentative essay due.

Class 11. Punctuation - basic requirements.
* Argumentative essay due for in-class revision.

Class 12. Infromal writing. Style, register, vocabulary.

Class 13. In-class writing, writing under pressure.

Class 14. Evaluation of the course, self-evaluation, grades.


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