Writing-Related Resources

We've tried to collect a variety of resources (both our our own handouts and links to other writing-related sites) to help you meet a variety of writing demands. Please let us know if you find other relevant resources!

Our Own Handouts on Writing Skills

We have over 100 documents available for you and offer three different ways to look for handouts:

  • Our index of handouts lets you search all our documents by category.
  • If you're unfamiliar with those general categories, you can read summaries of each.

On-line Resources for Writers

In addition to the annotated lists below, check out our extensive collection of Writing Labs on the Internet and our pointers to search tools and directories.

Our pointers to resources include

  • Indexes for Writers
  • Online Reference Resources
  • Guides to Style and Editing
  • Business and Technical Writing
  • Children and Writing
  • Professional Organizations
  • ESL-Related Sites
  • Listserv Groups
  • We're an ExciteSeeing Tourstop!

    Indexes for Writers

    In addition to the resources listed at Search Tools and Directories, you might want to check out the following sites, which are related more directly to writing.

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    Online Reference Resources

    Carnegie-Mellon offers a variety of On-line Reference Works for the worldwide Internet community.

    Online Handbooks include:

    If you need MLA citation sources for electronic documents, check out these two pages:

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    Guides to Style and Editing

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    Business & Technical Writing

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    Children and Writing

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    Professional Organizations

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    ESL-Related Sites

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    Listserv Groups

    Here are the archives of recent postings by electronic discussion groups:

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    Please, if you know of any Web or Gopher sites that you'd like to add to this page, Drop us an email message to owl@cc.purdue.edu.

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