A visit to the Purdue University Writing Lab

The Purdue University Writing Lab, located in 226 Heavilon Hall, is primarily a tutorial center for writers who want to work one-to-one with a tutor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Lab serves the entire Purdue community and offers outreach services to other Internet users as well.

Our goal in the lab is to provide one-to-one interaction with writers who make appointments or drop in to see us. In tutorials we talk with writers planning their papers or in the midst of writing them. We hear a lot of questions such as "Does this fit the assignment?" or "How should I start this paper?" Don't be surprised if we ask a question in response. That gets the conversation going and helps the writer think.

Come in and See Us!

If you're a Purdue student, you'll find the Writing Lab hours when tutors are available and a list of the self-instruction materials available in the lab. To use your tutorial time to your best advantage, read about how to tailor your tutorial to fit your needs.

Who comes to the Writing Lab?

Writers bring in papers from courses in biology, engineering, political science, technology, communications, and many other courses besides English. They also come in to work on resumes and job applications or internship and co-op reports or any other writing task they're working on, including papers for graduate seminars. We help Purdue undergraduates, graduate students, and students learning English as a second language

What services do we offer?

We offer tutorial appointments, drop-in help, handouts, a Grammar Hotline (765-494-3723), computers for student use, a resource library of tapes for students learning English as a second language, and our On-line Writing Lab (OWL), accessible through e-mail owl@cc.purdue.edu, gopher gopher owl.english.purdue.edu, anonymous FTP to owl.english.purdue.edu and this Web site. We also have tutor-training practicum courses and publish the Writing Lab Newsletter

Are we getting good reviews?

Every semester, hundreds and hundreds of students (and their instructors!) say that talking with us really helps. We're tutors, but we don't want to toot our own horns, so we'll share some comments students have written about us:

Who are we?

Our fearless (well, sort of) leader is the Director of the Purdue University Writing Lab, Muriel Harris. Back in 1976, when the Lab started, she was there to open the door and has been at it ever since.
Our tutors have been known to stop munching (occasionally) and do some tutoring. When they have a few minutes between those incredibly successful tutorials we've told you about, they also answer e-mail questions you send to owl@cc.purdue.edu
At the front desk you'll find Lynn Shonkwiler eagerly waiting to welcome you. (In the list of "Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Come to the Writing Lab," the #1 reason is that Lynn is here!)
Mary Jo Turley's job title is Writing Lab assistant and Writing Lab Newsletter assistant, but she thinks she's supposed to solve all our problems and see that there are always doughnuts next to the coffee pot. We don't intend to tell her otherwise. You can call her with your problems at 765-494-7268 or e-mail to turleymj@omni.cc.purdue.edu.

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