Welcome to talking systems of PC-world!

  1. Hungarian Speaking Windows: MBA The MBA is a software interface which makes connection (data transmitter) between a windows-based screen reader and the standard parallel and serial Hungarian speech systems, such as Multivox, Pcrobot, Brailab-Pc. The MBA is free for the blind users.

  2. MultiVox talking system, for sound cards on IBM PC. This program is a hungarian text to speech, for Windows-95 -98 and WindowsNT, for visually impaired computer users It is capable for reading optional Hungarian text files. Every starting of speech and about by 500 sentences this talking system say the text belov: "Ezt a programot csak vakok és gyengénlátók használhatják térítésmentesen a Budapesti Muszaki Egyetem engedélyével." (This program is usable free of charge for the blind, with permission of Technical University of Budapest,) It's usable like talking aplication belov, in Menu START "RUN:" C:\HUN4D\HUN4.EXE -p intro.txt

  3. MultiVox talking system with MBA data transmitter: MBA-MBA-hun4. This product is a contraction of 2 software above. To complete it with any Windows based screen reader (WinEyes) it's a convenience application for the blind. (beta version, 1998) If you need further information about talking systems or you have any suggestions, please contact us:

Thank You for your notice here: ecsedi(at)c3.hu