PRONUNCIATION DICTIONARY
              Copyright (C) Csaba Ecsedi 1996. Budapest
                            Version: 1.4

        This program is a talking English - Hungarian
        pronunciation dictionary.  It is prepared for almost
        every PC environment, and it does not require a screen
        readers.   The program contains 12000
        digitalized English words, with the pronunciation of a
        British reader.  Though it works with any IBM
        compatible system, it is suggested to have an at least
        80386 CPU for an adequate usage speed.  It requires
        7  MB of hard disk space.

     The main characteristics of the program:

        It is intended for those who learn English.  It does
        not require experience with computers.  It can be run
        under either DOS or WINDOWS.  The speech is
        understandable.  It is built on the PCROBOT speech
        synthesizer, that has to be started before running
        TELL, however, the program can be use without it, but
        then it will only display the words without saying


        It is easy to install, after typing the install
        command on the first disk, you have to follow the
        instructions displayed on the screen.  The whole
        program will be installed, with different
        subdirectories.  There should not be any change in the
        installed files.  When the installation is complete,
        you can start the program with typing:

        TELL (enter)

     Using the program:

        After starting the TELL program, we have to choose the
        direction of looking up (english - Hungarian, or
        Hungarian - English).  After the selection, we are
        prompted to type the first word to look up.  If the
        word is found, it can be heard, otherwise the most
        similar word is spoken and displayed, however, in this
        case the meaning is not on the screen as long as we do
        not press enter.  While typing, the program does not
        accept characters that do not exist in the alphabet of
        the selected language.  The word and its meaning can
        be reheard by pressing enter again.  If you press the
        escape key, the program is aborted, and you get back
        to the DOS prompt or to the WINDOWS applications.

     Further TELL commands:

        F1: help.
        F2: changing the selected looking up direction.
        F3: spelling. It spells the current English word, it does not work
        in the Hungarian - English direction.
        F4: key echo. Pressing the F4 key the computer echoes any pressed
        key, without any further function. You can exit it with pressing
        F5: word pronunciation. It pronounces the current word.
        F6: pronunciation of the meaning of the current word.
        F7: turning key echo on/off.
        F8: the current English word can be heard with Hungarian
        Space: looking for an other word.
        Up arrow: previous word.
        Down arrow: next word.
        Enter: displays the current word with its meaning.
        Left shift: mutes the PCROBOT system when it is installed, as long
        as it is held down.
        Escape: exits the dictionary.


        t If the meaning of a Hungarian word is not contained
        by the 12000 digitalized words, the computer spells it
        out.  Defaults for optimal usage: It is recommended to
        have TELL in the path, and your autoexec.bat should
        run a smart drive program in order to speed up the
        dictionary.  In your PCROBOT directory you can set the
        speech parameters, see the PCROBOT manual.  If you
        need further information about TELL, or you have any
        suggestions, please contact us:

        E-mail: ecsedi(at)c3.hu