Tradicional trend in the english screen reading!

                          Sound Blaster Screen Reader
                     for visually impaired computer users

        The SBR is an online screen reader for sound-blaster or
        compatible cards, for MS-DOS.  The SBR has 3 screen watching
        modes and 20 hotkeys to make a perfect convenience for users and
        setting it for several applications.

        Another product is a SB-Linker (utility), betveen the
        well-known existing speech programs (VocalEyes or Hal ect...)
        and the SBtalker.  So if you have any of them, all you have to
        do is purchasing this software.

        The SBR and SBL does not contain "text to speech" and its
        drivers!  They belong to the card's software.

        If you can't have any of them cards, you can use it with the
        own speaker of computer, using "NOWSPEAK" program.

        E-mail: ecsedi(at)