New trend in the hungarian screen reading!

       What you need is the Robotvox and Multivox software that is the
cheapest and the most effective hungarian text to speech system!

       Sound Blaster Screen Readerfor visually impaired computer users under
DOS and Windows9x, WindowsNT systems including Robotvox and Multivox.

       The SB-Robotvox amd SB-Multivox are the first hungarian text to speech
systems which talk on SB and compatible cards.  These talking systems can
read-out any text with good quality on enjoyable male voice.

       For blind users, a Windows based Screen Reader is needed, for example
WindowEyes, They are accessible on the internet.

For using under MS-DOS,  Robotvox reqires Professional Screen Reader.
You can see PSRin the next item.

        Produced by Technical University of Budapest
        (Telematics) and  Nikol Electronics LTD.

        E-mail: ecsedi(at)