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Quit smoking

Why is it important to deal with smoking?

In Hungary – just like all around the world – tobacco control is one of the most essential public health challenge. Rate of people who are smoking is 35% inside the population so non-smokers are more at present. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office there are 28 thousand deaths caused just by smoking. It is about two times more like deaths caused by alcoholism drog abuse accident violence suicide and AIDS together. In point of death caused by lung cancer Hungarian men are the leader of the world!

Why must non governmental organizations (NGO-s) concentrate on smoking prevention?

Children try their first cigarette at younger and younger age. 17% of the 13-16 age group of pupils tried it before the age of 10. It unequivocally indicates the weight of the challenge. Measures falling within the Government’s cognisance like protection of non-smokers prohibition of commercials continuous increase of the price of cigarette in a degree exceeding inflation are all parts of the instruments of tobacco control but this fight can become successful just with the complementary help of the NGO’s.