"I have no reasonable explanation to why I want to be successful here, in Hungary. I have no idea what could really inspire our generation The elder colleagues feel the situation hopeless. In the past, Gabriella Lakatos and Adél Orosz were stars. They were in the front pages of magazines. But is there anyone who knows our name? We can well assume, ballet is not important to anyone today." *

"After two year's gap, the company of the Ballet Sopianae is again capable of meeting the dance-requirements of a theatre with a repertoire of musicals and operettas - as it has always been the case since their foundation. This committment does not unambiguously affect the artistic work of the company in a positive way, let us just think of matching the different rehersal times and organizational problems." *

"We are almost stating the truth, when labelling 'Fanfare' as a modern character ballet, which - regarding its aestetic qualities - is undoubtably by far not as perfect a piece as his 'The Death and the Maiden' (to music by Schubert) or 'Entre dos Aquas' (to music by Piazzolla), his very popular and cared for choreography in Gyôr. However, 'Fanfare' also shows up the signs of a choreographic talent, bearing all the signs of professionalism and the ability to compose in the truest sense of the word". *

"In 'Mud-Man' the characteristic choreographic way of Juronics's looking at things shows up perfectly well along with his dominant character of a dancer The comparison of the humour in folk-philosophy and the sarcastically alianating aspect of contemporary choreography in itself is a hit right in the middle." *

"It is well-know that the Hungarian Festival Ballet débuted with the same choreography as the Gyôr Ballet had once and just like in Gyôr in 1979 the piece 'Beloved by the Sun' proved to be a master-piece inspite of its being the very first choreography by Iván Markó. It could be revived 17 years after its conception under entire different cultural and professional circumstances." *

"This success is not to be underestimated, if the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble is really able to be true to their promise to develop. What is 'new' - even if spelt with small letters - is of great importance if we consider the present situation of folkdance." *

"Ashley Page has developed a tempestuous choreographic style by enreiching his accurate proficiency in classical ballet with the Cunningham, contact and other modern techniques. His new piece 'Two-Part Invention' made an even deeper impression on me than the works by Forsythe. This will be my opinion even if the coming genereations will say that Page also emerged from under Forsythe's 'gown'." *

"However, there was still something which was not the same regarding the nature of the stage-performance: the choreographic and tradition-bound concepts of Zoltán Zsuráfszki and Stefan Nosál (from Bratislava), the two well-known and respected choreographers Nevertheless, their joint performance was highly valuable, justifying the possibility of the principle 'just like friends side-by-side'."

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