The United Christian Forum for Human Rights (Gujarat) (UCFHR) has directed Christians and Christian Institutions all over Gujarat not to divulge any information to any authority in the context of Circular No. D2:Hindu-Khristi 83/99 dated 2nd February, '99 (1058) issued by the Intelligence Department of Gujarat State.

The above mentioned circular is in violation of the fundamental rights of Article 15 (1) enshrined in the Constitution which asserts that no citizen can be segregated on the basis of religion. Further, in the last few days in several parts of Gujarat, many Christians have been intimidated and harassed in an effort to solicit answers to the 13 questions mentioned in the circular. The UCFHR seeks withdrawal of this circular immediately.

Date : 11th February, '99 Fr. Cedric
Prakash sj
Place : Ahmedabad